The Application of polymer materials in the packaging industries

Packaging industry constitutes the biggest market of plastic materials.

This industry mainly uses commodity polymers. The reason for this massive consumption is the low price, ease of processing, recyclability and high hygienic characteristics of these materials. Packaging is divided into two major sectors: Flexible packaging and Rigid packaging. Flexible packaging includes all types of polymeric films such as LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, PVC and PET films. Nowadays, various other films are being produced by laminating with engineering polymers for special applications.

Using plastics in production of plastic bags and replacing them with paper bags is very valuable environmentally, as cutting trees to produce papers is prevented. Manufacturing bags from polymers such as polyethylene and polypropylene have revolutionized packaging of bulky items such as cement, plaster, cereal, grain, flour, tar, etc. Using these bags and replacing them with paper bags has highly advanced this sector of the packaging industry. The other major sector of the packaging industry is the Rigid packaging sector which includes a broad range of bottle types. Bottles, such as PET bottles which are more economical alternatives to glass bottles and metal containers, not only have improved the social welfare, but also have increased the overall general hygiene of the society. Materials being used for packaging include PET, PE, PP, etc. which have highly advanced the packaging industry to new horizons. Mobasherin has an extensive relationship with manufacturers in the packaging industry and supplies all of the required grades to these industries regularly. The most important advantage of Mobasherin in the packaging industry is offering very competitive prices and quick and on time delivery of materials. In case any inquired material is not present in the market, mobasherin suggests equivalent grades as replacement.

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