The use of polymer materials in the construction industries

The use of polymer materials in the construction industies

Polymers are changing the construction industry and are replacing the traditional construction materials day after day.

From water and wastewater pipes and heating and cooling systems to doors, windows, flooring materials, wall and ceiling coverings, plastics have generated significant advantages by replacing traditional materials. As an example, due to corrosion and precipitation phenomena, the lifetime of traditional steel pipes is short, however, plastic pipes due to their high resistance to corrosion considerably solved such problems. On the other hand, as plastic pipes are great heat insulators, using plastic pipes has significantly reduced the level of energy loss of the hot or cold pipes. The insulating effect of doors and windows is also of vital importance. Sound insulation reduces transfer of noise from inside to outside and vice versa. Thermal insulation minimizes loss of energy during winter and summer time. iTech Polymer, not only supplies PVC, PP, PE, EPS, etc. to construction materials manufacturers, but also proposes exceptional solutions to industrialists active in replacing traditional construction materials with new plastic materials.

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